New Shipment In!

We have a good mix of new products and re-stocked plushes. Tomorrow I’ll start posting photos and listings for the new stuff, but in the mean time, here’s the list of plushes back in stock!

  • I Love Eevee Laying Eevee
  • Pokemon Center Greninja
  • Pumpkaboo DX
  • I Love Gothic Zorua
  • I Love Gothic Litwick
  • I Love Gothic Absol
  • I Love Gothic Banette

A note on the I Love Gothic line; some of the plushes have become increasingly expensive and increasingly hard to find so unfortunately I’ve had to increase the prices on some of the plushes. I’m extremely sorry to have to change the prices, but it no longer became feasible for me to sell them while maintaining the same price. I hope you all understand.